Coping with the pandemic

We know well by now that we are not prone to dealing well with prolonged uncertainty. And yet, despite 2.5 years of it, we still find ourselves struggling.

For me, the last 2.5 years have been quite life-changing, as I assume it has been for many of us. A significant percentage of Canadians reported a decline in mental health since the onset of the pandemic. While recent data is currently unavailable, psychologists have reported an increase in trepidation and anxiety over possible emerging pandemic waves. This prolonged state has thrown light on what we deem important in our lives and many people around me - of all ages and walks of life - have been questioning what they prioritize and how they want to live life.

Thankfully, we have adapted to this life and have found several ways to cope. My clients tell me they have learned various ways to live with this uncertainty and that even though there is stress that it may get worse or there may be more waves, for a larger part, they have gotten used to the way things are now and have adjusted to new things.

In the last few years, I also studied to get my life coaching certificate and took on a lot of courses to prepare myself to set up an online coaching business.

The extra time at home gave me the gift of shifting my perspective and I finally got time to work on my dream project. I’m sure a lot of you reading this may have been in the same boat.

We no longer live the way we used to and would much rather work for something more fulfilling. Adapting to difficult situations and swerving to better fit your changing needs is a skill set that was definitely amped up in the pandemic.

I aimed my Lotus For Life Program toward easing anxiety around our life, our purpose, and how to cope with unease.

Some things that I have found helpful are meditation, painting, playing with my dogs, and cooking. How have you been coping?

What habits have you incorporated in the last two years for your well-being?

Let me know in the comments section! I would love to find out.

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