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Sarika Kishore is a Life Coach for young professionals who are looking for sustainable ways to gain and maintain confidence and happiness. 
If you are feeling stuck and hopeless in your career/life, I can help.

Toronto-based Life Coach

Feeling stuck? As a Toronto-based Certified Life Coach, I can help you gain clarity on your current problems and brainstorm successful ways to meet your life goals. 


Success Stories

- Carolyn Heathcote

I recommend Sarika very highly. I appreciate her intelligence, listening ability, compassion, insight into human nature, sense of humour and her passion for helping people. After each session I feel energized and have the confidence to deal with the difficulties that I face head-on. She will empower you to work towards the life you have always wanted. This experience has been a game changer for me.

- Abhilasha

Sarika helped me to face my failures and move forward. Today I am a successful professional but the help and counseling provided by her in my difficult times is invaluable.’’

- Maia Chelidze

Few years ago, I lost my dad in very tragic circumstances.. and very soon after that I had to go through a nasty divorce. My grief was endless.. depression, anxiety, insomnia..then I met Sarika. Friend of mine recommended her. Most likely I wasn't an easy case for her:)), she spent a long time to bring me back to normal, and finally I could let my sorrow go. I stopped blaming the whole universe for what happened with my dad and me.. I could accept reality and move on. Lots of hours of conversation, meditation, even sitting together in silence...that’s all she’s done for me and it worked!! I can’t describe how thankful I am to her. She is an amazing person and I feel so lucky to have her as my coach. I would highly recommend Sarika to anyone ❤️❤️❤️

Sarika is a fabulous life coach and mentor. I have received invaluable guidance from her on a variety of personal and professional issues. Her knowledge, experience and approachability has helped me pinpoint the areas to work on in achieving my personal goals and she has provided me with great tools and resources to use. Sarika has been a great source of support and mentor to me.

- Bhawna

We cannot grow in siloed environments.


Bringing in someone for a bird's eye view of your life can help you advance in your life and your career in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

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