3 Tips to stop living in the future

Are you living in the future?

Anxiety is future-oriented thoughts and feelings.

When your day is full of worries on what might happen or not, it's hard to be happy and enjoy the present.

Do you know you have the power to stop this? Here are 3 tips to stop living in the future.

1️⃣ Ask yourself: What can I do right now to solve this worry?

➼If you are worried about your employment situation, think about the action steps to kill this worry. What can you do right now? You can create your resume, your cover letter and apply for jobs online. If money is really tight, you can look around the house and look for things you can sell.

➼If you are worried about how people will treat you because you don't speak English very well yet. Don't you agree you can't possibly know how people will treat you?

What can you do to avoid this? You can study and learn how to speak English, and when the situation comes, you can say you are still learning.

It might surprise you, most people are gentle and helpful.

2️⃣ Fact-check your thoughts

Instead of think only in the worst case scenarios, you need to analyse your thoughts logically and how realistic they are.

➼Instead of thinking, "it's raining so hard, my roof will go down, and I am going to be homeless.". Think logically. Talk to yourself

What are the chances for this to happen? It rained before, with wind and nothing happened. If my roof goes down, I have insurance. I am covered, it's going to be fine. I should be grateful is raining, after so many hot days.

➼Get used to train your brain to rewire the fears.

3️⃣Ask for a second opinion.

Sometimes even asking ourselves for reassurance we end up spiraling even more, so we need a second opinion.

Call or text someone you trust and tell them "I am worried about this"

"I am super anxious I won't pass my driving exam."

"But you were telling me the other day you were feeling confident"

"I know I am going to fail"

"Well, if you fail, you know you can try again, right?"


Sometimes we are so worried about something that we forget how simple the solution is.

Sometimes it's not simple at all.

I can help you to deal with this, check my program and book your free call.

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